The Student Learning Support Center (SLSC)

The University Student Learning Support Center (SLSC) provides individual and group academic tutoring sessions and skills workshops, free of cost.


The University Student Learning Support Center (SLSC) services are dynamic as well as supportive. A student-centered environment is established by providing quality tutoring based on student’s academic needs and the faculty’s interest. The focus is given to prep, freshmen and sophomore programs. However, the service is also provided on demand i.e. a student or a group of students are having trouble with a particular concept or topic.


The mission of the UCA Student Learning Support Center (SLSC) is to:

  • Supplement the student’s academic learning in the classroom (for bright students).
  • Minimize the gap between the students’ potential and their academic performance (for underperforming students).  
  • Provide individualized / peer / or group tutoring services to help students learn academic skills including analysis, reasoning, and reflection.
  • Help students to understand the ways and methods to become self-directed and responsible learners.
  • Provide students the learning experiences in a safe and supportive environment as well as empower them to make plans/strategies to thrive in the mainstream classroom learning activities.